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The term multidisciplinarity seems to be worn out at first sight, but it’s still an essential part of care practice and care science and especially an important part of the actual discussion of methodical questions. Multiperspectivity, multidisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity are increasingly required by cnursing and health professions, also by law.
Because of that, differentiation and complexity will increase. So as not to remain on the appellative level, there are numerous open questions which need to be answered: Which effects are shown by the development of new professional profiles? How should be dealed with heterogeneity? What does multiperspectivity, multidisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity or -professionalism mean? What does this mean for the discussion of methods?
These questions aren’t substantial answered by scientific studies yet.This is why they are a central topic of the Forschungsweltenkongress 2018 and should be discussed among the aspects of the research methodology, the circulation, the transfer and the implementation of knowledge and curricular issues. In particular, new empirical knowledge shall be presented to find answers for the raised questions above.

The 9th scientific conference „Forschungswelten“ wants to contribute to the plotting and documentation of this topic. Authors are called up to submit an abstract to the relevant topics. The following forms of presentation are possible:

• Presentation (25 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)
• Workshop (90 minutes including the workshop method, which needs to be described in the submitted abstract)
• Poster (incl. a moderated poster guidance with a 10-minute presentation)

Submissions of abstracts
Submissions are possible as abstracts (in german or english) until the 20th of October 2017. Submissions to the following categories - related to the topic of the conference – are warmly welcome:

1. Empirical papers
2. Methodical contributions
3. Scientific discourse contributions
4. Praxis research projects (in terms of the interconnection of science, research and/or teaching)

Graduate thesises, which were written between 1st of March 2015 and 15th of September 2017, can be submitted in a separate procedure (‚Best of Bachelor – Best of Master’). Universities of health and care sectors are called up to participate actively in their own and consequently in the national and international encouragement of young academics. The submission of abstracts is only possible online. The submission will be confirmed via e-mail.

The conference is adjusted to everyone of the health, care and social sector, scientists, university lecturers, students, teachers and managers from all health and social professions (e.g. care, social work, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, logopedics, midwifery services and emergency services), medical practitioners and medicine students as well as care attendants from practice, care experts and APN/ANP.
Academic papers of students can be submitted within the frame of the announcement ‚Best of Bachelor – Best of Master’. The academic advisory council of Forschungswelten emphasises the importance of posters and workshops in the scientific presentation process and explicit calls up for the submission of these kind of elaborations.

Academic advisory council
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hermann Brandenburg, D-Vallendar | Prof. Dr. André Fringer, CH-St. Gallen | Prof. Dr. Birgit Vosseler, CH-St. Gallen | Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elfriede Fritz, A-Hall in Tirol | Dr. Heike Geschwindner, CH-Zürich | Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hanna Mayer, A-Wien Prof. Dr. Herbert Mayer, D-Rheine | Prof. Dr. Bernd Reuschenbach, D-München

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the international academic advisory council. The announcement of the review results take place at the beginning of November 2017.

Conference organisation: Prof. Dr. André Fringer, CH-St. Gallen; Prof. Dr. a. D. Andreas Lauterbach, D-Hungen


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Call for Abstracts
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